8BluePrints for Talent

8Blue Talent Partners provides tailored talent insight and human resources expertise to entrepreneurially-minded businesses to drive growth and value creation through eight consulting service offerings. We create “talent blueprints” to help our clients build high performance leadership teams that maximize their potential and the positive impact on the business as it scales and grows.

Team Recruiting

8Blue supports our clients’ hiring needs during surges in growth by helping them recruit and develop a new or larger team. We identify both passive and active talent – passive candidates not necessarily searching for a new role, but who have a compelling combination of skills, experience and background; and active job seekers with the right experience to significantly contribute to the company.

Executive Coaching

8Blue consultants work one-on-one with high performing executives, company founders and emerging leaders in a direct, consultative partnership providing feedback and constructive redirection of their leadership style to achieve better results. Our executive coaching approach helps leaders develop new ‘management muscle memory’ to leverage their best strengths and eliminate habits and practices that impede top performance.

Organization Design

8Blue provides review and guidance on organizational structure and design, taking into account best industry practices and the unique components of the client’s business now and in the future. We identify which functions and roles are critical and develop a lean, concise organization structure that optimizes strengths, eliminates redundancies, and maximizes resources to allow for growth and transformational change.

Compensation Design

8Blue reviews executive compensation and incentive packages, including equity components, and provides counsel to company owners and leaders in the development of a comprehensive, forward-looking framework.

HR On-Demand

8Blue identifies and helps secure interim and fractional HR leadership and support for our clients as they grow rapidly in scale and scope and find they need backfill support.

Succession Planning

8Blue helps our clients identify internal and external successors for key roles, including founders, to ensure business consistency and continuity. We work with our clients to develop leadership strategies for the future and create a plan to backfill behind key leaders when they move up or on.

Board Development

8Blue helps our clients build high performing Boards of Directors and Advisors that provide the guidance, insights and networks needed to grow and build a business. 8Blue identifies and recruits uniquely compatible, impactful Board members, ensuring the right blend of strategic, operational, industry and financial expertise.